Tuesday, August 3, 2010


C.R.E.A.M. = cash rule everything around magick ... nowadays.

As I navigate all the pagan notifications and invitations sent to me on facebook, I cannot help but to feel that the community has be come taken over by commerce and self promotion.

Every event seems to be less and less about fostering a sense of community, and more about how many vendors the respective group can garner.

Trinkets are fun. But what I am observing is the trinketing of a movement that fought long and hard to establish its legitimacy in the greater society of this country.

If it is all about commerce, then maybe we should just hang it all up and become a merchants' guild.

How dreadfully disgusting and base.

Money, money, money.

If you don't have a book deal, you don't have legitimacy.

If you don't charge for your classes, they must be worthless.

If you appear at the engagement, then they had better pay you to be there. And let you sell your book, spell kit, etc..

Surprisingly, the same group of self-declared sacrosanct individuals who condemn the greater society for its shortcomings are self-blind where it comes to themselves.

Where would we be now if Starhawk had stopped to break for a commercial message or run her vendors' booth in the middle of the critical consciousness raising moments.

How sad if the community had lost the group momentum in the observance of announcements regarding upcoming workshop registration fees.

Granted, money is needed to put on events. But vulgar commercialism is just that, vulgar.

Let us be tasteful in our fishwifing online and in person please.

Hail the power of paypal. Charge if you will, Debit if you must.

All acts of lucre and booty are the new rituals.

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